Rings have always been my all time good friends,
One day in the middle of the night, good old memories came across my mind. I was talking to myself , ‘How lovely it would be putting all the good old memories down in words’

A little girl inside recalled me of the sweet times fantasizing in writing words in pastel diary. Some are faded away but though the feelings remain clearly in my heart.

That night I slowly drifted into that old diary. Speechlessly, I drown into the memories with all those good words and my sketch of ring designs.

Here begins the story of IMPRINT, a simple ring with partly transformed into a letters giving a meaningful messages of the good memories. A simple design makes everyday wear possible. Likewise, the written messages are designed to become motivation and inspiration to the person who is wearing it, while IMPRINT pieces of art with beautifully cherish moment could be passed onto your beloved one, those who would carry the memories on…..

-Naridtanan Palakavong na Ayuthaya

DESIGN Concept

Customized jewelry is less exposed in the market at present. With an intention to revive the tradition of customization, IMPRINT come up with a design concept for a ring that differs from other massive jewelry industries. IMPRINT rings won’t be just normal fashion rings but rather representing themself as “secret message ring”. The design concept is to allow customers to personalized messages and choose desired material to apply on their own rings. The ring is designed to individually fit with hand crafted production process.It can be worn at any occasion as it is designed with multi-functional purposes and can be passed onto their beloved ones for pleasant reminiscences.


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