In 2017 IMPRINT became the crown designer of Miss Supranational Thailand
competition for 3 (years 2017 to 2019). Imprint studio worked also with Anna Kristyna Sion, the jewelry designer, from Prague, Czech Republic to design this unique piece of work.

The crown concept for Miss Supranational Thailand is inspired by the Art Deco
architecture in Europe. The crown unique character is that the crown can be worn in 2 sizes in which the tiara can be separated and worn individually. It is designed to fit with the women modern life style and endorse women strength, creativity thinking and dare to do differently.



2nd edition

“Win the mood for Belle” collection, ‘one of a kind’ diamond jewelry set comprised of necklace, bracelet and two earring sets exclusively crafted and designed to represent an elegant and charming looks of Khun Win’s beautiful bride    

3rd edition

“Win the mood for Belle” engagement ring collection, exclusively designed and handcrafted by IMPRINT as ‘one of a kind’ engagement ring for a beautiful couple, Win and Belle. A shape of Chinese symbol ‘tied knot’ was introduced into the design to symbolizing good luck and connoted love and marriage. Part of the ‘tied knot’ can also be viewed as ‘W’ represents the initial alphabet of the name Win.

4th edition

“5 Styles in 1 Pair”, this diamond earrings set is uniquely designed and crafted to be worn in 5 different styles.

5th edition

“Pin” for Him, a custom made diamond pin for his special evening        

6th edition

Three carats round brilliant cut diamond with two tapered baguettes ring, styled in vintage look.  

6th Edition

7th Edition

7th edition

Platinum Baguette Diamond Eternity Band, is one of the most popular cuts of diamond for engagement band due to it simply elegant look. The baguette cut diamond  was introduced since early 1920s or during the time of Art Deco period. At IMPRINT we carefully sourcing each cut of diamonds to ensure similarly in shape and size to craft a perfect band.

8th Edition

8th edition

“Folding Fan Earrings” inspired by a classic Chinese hand fan exclusively designed and presents by a lovely Son to his mother during Chinese New Year.  

9th Edition

9th edition

Five carats round brilliant cut diamond, standout in a simple ring designed and completed a classic look.

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